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In March 2015, I will be directing Jerry Polner's new comedy Quit the Road, Jack. It's a comedy about NAFTA!  But it’s actually about a divorced and miserable couple of burnt-out ex-musicians whose 16-year-old son runs away from home.  Somehow, the son gets involved in the immigrant worker rights movement.  He sends cryptic notes back to his parents, telling them what losers they are and giving them just enough information to make them think they can find him.  Mom and Dad can’t stomach each other, but neither trusts the other one to find Jack, and so they’re forced to travel across North America together in search of their son. TICKETS HERE.

Quit the Road, Jack

I directed the critically acclaimed New York Premiere of one of Tennessee Williams most wildly creative late plays, Now the Cats With Jewelled Claws, starring Mink Stole and Everett Quinton. The production opened the 50th Anniversary Season at The Club at LaMaMa ETC. Conversations in a restaurant between two socialite women friends, a roughed up pregnant waitress, two young gay hustlers with pink leather jackets emblazoned with “The Mystic Rose”, and a lecherous, prophetic restaurant manager. Apocalyptic, funny, musical, physical, wild, futuristic, shamanistic.

Now the Cats with Jewelled Claws

Regina Bartkoff, Mink Stole, Everett Quinton and Erin Markey 
in director Jonathan Warman's production of Tennesee Williams's Now the Cats with Jewelled Claws. Photo credit: Yuriy Nayer.

The reviews for Now the Cats were fantastic! Here are some samples:

"The director, Jonathan Warman, has encouraged a flamboyant presentational style that emphasizes coherence over flair." 
- Jasonn Zinoman, New York Times 

"Thanks to the imagination of director Jonathan Warman and his enthusiastic cast, it makes for an outrageously entertaining 50 minutes...Warman mixes Williams' diverse elements skillfully, letting them jostle gently about, feeding rather than fighting each other." - Erik Haagensen, Backstage

“Fearlessly directed by Jonathan Warman, who fully embraces the play’s grotesque beauty.” - Brandon Voss, The Advocate

“Thanks to the surehanded staging from director Jonathan Warman and a fine cast, this mere squib of a play provokes both laughs and thought.” - Andy Probst,

“Warman more than matches the piece’s phantasmagorical style...Warman elicits exquisite performances from his cast that are at once real and larger-than-life.”
- Heathher J. Violanti,

I recently directed the new musical Me & Caesar Lee by Pat Holley, set in the world of 1980s R&B. A 43 year old former pop diva hopes to make a comeback by writing songs for a teen age singing group. Infatuated with the group and deeply infatuated with their 22 year old manager, she journeys through the resulting heartaches and betrayals, leading her to confront the haunting legacy of her mother’s suicide and her own desire to live. The cast includes Robyn Payne (The Lion King, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Kismet @ Encores!), Two-time Tony nominee Ernestine Jackson (Raisin, Guys & Dolls), Raun Ruffin (The Civil War, Randy Newman's Faust), up-and-coming R&B singer Amanda Holley, Nick Mara ("America's Best Dance Crew"), Joshua Scarlett and Sadat Waddy.

Me & Caesar Lee

I directed a reading of the Broadway-bound The Happy Hooker: The Musical. First published in 1971, Xaviera Hollander’s The Happy Hooker: My Own Story (co-written with Robin Moore and Yvonne Dunleavy) has, according to Wikipedia, now sold over 20 million copies, placing it 55th in their list of best-selling books of all time. It has been translated into 15 languages and has never been out of print.
A frank and informative account of Xaviera’s years as the most influential madam in New York, it has been hailed as the most important book of its era on the subject of sex.  Its delightfully explicit accounts of the swinger scenes of the late 1960s and early 1970s introduced its readership to jaw-dropping stories of lesbianism, bondage, fetishism and more, with a mix of shrewd observation and uninhibited appetite - Xaviera is an irrepressible storyteller.

The band was led by rock n' roll legend, David Bowie's pianist since 1972, Mike Garson.

The Happy Hooker: The Musical
Jonathan Warman (Director) New York Theatre: New York premiere of Tennessee Williams's Now the Cats with Jewelled Claws (La MaMa ETC, featuring Mink Stole and Everett Quinton), Andru’s Head (new musical, featuring Brooke Elliott (Lifetime's “Drop Dead Diva”), NeoNeo Theatre), Me & Caesar Lee (new musical, TBG Theatre, featuring two-time Tony nominee Ernestine Jackson), reading of Broadway-bound musical The Happy Hooker (The Cutting Room), Struck / Break (Emerging Artists Theatre), American Fabulous (NeoNeo Theatre), Kitchenette (Theatre Row Studio Theatre), Groupies, In Loco Parentis (Present Company / FringeNYC), Love in the Time of Chlamydia (Hard Sparks),The Women of the Mahabharata (eyeBLINK). International: Dreams Reoccurring (Clubul CFR, Iasi, Romania; Nu Festival, Timisoara, Romania), Break (Dublin Gay Theatre Festival). Regional: Heads (Omaha Magic Theatre), The Strangest Kind of Romance (Provincetown Tennessee Williams Festival; Omnova Theater, Columbus, Mississippi; Theatre Sewanee, Tennessee), Struck/Break (New Orleans Fringe Festival), Rogan Gosh (Star of the East, Omaha), Mad Forest, Hamletmachine (University of Nebraska at Omaha). Proud member of SDC. He has served as Artistic Director of NeoNeo Theatre Company and Literary Manager for Access Theater.